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Water And Liquid Analysis Instruments

Welcome to the world of Chemitec Italy – where innovation meets precision in the realm of process control and water quality monitoring. At SerayaEngi, we are proud to partner with Chemitec, a renowned leader in the field of industrial automation and control systems, to bring you state-of-the-art solutions for your monitoring and control needs.

Chemitec designs and manufactures advanced equipment for various sectors, including water treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries. Their comprehensive product range features high-quality instruments like pH meters, conductivity meters, dissolved oxygen meters, and turbidity sensors.

Explore our range of Chemitec products and discover how we can enhance your industrial applications with the best of Italian innovation and expertise.

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Engineers and Businesspeople

Found in 1978, Sierra Monitor Corporation has over 40 years of expertise in designing, manufacturing, and selling advanced hazardous fire and gas detection systems to customers worldwide. Since its beginnings, Sierra Monitor has merged information and instrumentation technology to deliver comprehensive solutions to protect life and assets.

Today, thousands of sites in the oil & gas, government, pharmaceutical, building/construction, manufacturing, utility segments, and aerospace utilize MSA/SMC-branded controllers and gas sensors to protect life and assets.

Our products Approvals and Standards:

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We have a large selection of water sensors and controllers for various monitoring applications to meet your every need.

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80 Series Controller

Multi-parametric controller with 12 channels. Connectable to analogue and digital sensors. Touch Screen coloured graphic display. Data storage and graphic display of measurement trends. Download the stored data via USB or Wi-Fi. Control outputs and MODBUS RTU serial interface
Wall-mounted version.

50 Series Controller_edited.png

50 Series Controller

Multi-parametric controller with up to 8 digital sensors. Sensor self-recognition with a plug-and-play system. Data storage and graphic display of measurement trends. Control outputs and MODBUS RTU serial interface
Panel or wall-mounted version

46 Series Controller_edited.png

46 Series Controller

Single and double-channel controllers
Connectable to electrodes and digital sensors. Data storage
WI-FI connection for settings and data download. Control outputs and MODBUS RTU serial interface. Panel or wall-mounted version.

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Differential digital pH and ORP Sensors 

The sensor S401 DIG/N is used for
measurement of PH in pure water, wastewater treatment plants, suspended solids processes, processes with pollutants, and galvanic processes.

The S401 DIG/N pH Electrode is suitable for PH measures in various applications. The porous Teflon® septum resists fouling and chemical attack. The new capillary temperature sensor design places the NTC behind the pH-sensitive
membrane for accurate temperature
compensation and measurement.

Chemitec Conductivity Sensor_edited.png

Digital conductivity sensor

The S411/DIG probe is used to digitally measure conductivity in pure and processed waters.


Digital conductivity sensor for immersion is suitable for installation in borehole PVC body. Graphite electrodes. Built-in temperature sensor.

Chemitec Dissolved Oxygen_edited.png

Digital Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Digital sensor for dissolved oxygen and temperature. Fluorescence optical method of measurement. Stainless or PVC body for waste and raw water. Reliable concentration measurement using
an optical measuring process. Dynamic luminescence measuring method. 

AISI 316 or Black rigid PVC sensor body. Interchangeable cap for luminophore’s replacement

Chemitec Ultrasonic Level Sensor_edited.png

Ultrasound Level Sensor

Non-contact level measurement,
ultrasonic, suitable for measuring liquids,
with integrated temperature sensor for
temperature compensation.

Chemitec Radar Level Transmitter_edited.png

Radar Level Transmitter

ATEX Radar level transmitters. Atex version avaiable Range 10 meters Programming via removable keyboard

Chemitec Photometric Analyser_edited.png

Multiparameter Photometric Analyser

Photometric analyser for chlorine and other disinfectants Colorimetric reaction for a selective measurement Available in multi-parametric versions up to six simultaneous determinations. 

Available Measurements: Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Peracetic Acid, Bromine, Combined version with pH, ORP, Conductivity, Turbidity, Temperature

Chemitec Colometric Analyser_edited.png

Photometric Analyser with Reagent

Photometric analyser for chemical parameters Al, NH4+, Cr(VI), PO4 3−, Fe, Mn, SiO2, N02 and other on request.
Colourimetric reaction for a selective measurement.

Chemitec Turbidity Sensor_edited.png

Digital Turbidity Sensor

Nephelometric turbidity cell for primary or raw water. Contactless 90°Scattering systems. 

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