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PLC Control and IoT Gateway

Seraya Engineering strives to provide quality PLC control and IoT Gateway and customised services for businesses to adapt to Industry 4.0. With Singapore local stock support, Seraya Engineering can offer you a whole range of PLC control and IoT Gateway and software packages for IIoT adaptation, with flexible options for customisation to your desired automation requirements.

The networking of production, online monitoring with remote control, and cloud solutions continue to expand. Now it’s easy to implement forward-looking production concepts in your existing plant with SIMATIC IOT gateways – they’re open, versatile, and retrofittable.

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Industrial IoT is an application of cloud-based sensor data storage and analysis, with goals like control of production systems, online quality control, condition monitoring or predictive maintenance etc. It uses the extension of internet connectivity into physical devices and everyday objects that are embedded with electronics, internet connectivity, and other forms of hardware (such as sensors). These devices can communicate and interact with others over the internet and be remotely monitored and controlled, making smart homes, smart buildings, smart consumer products, etc.


Seraya Engineering uses the Siemens PLC and IoT Gateway as the backbone to provide high quality and reliable performance in your IIoT requirements. These are your foundation and crucial ones for building up the successful IIoT ecosystems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for a demonstration session on how you can leverage the IoT technology in your organization.

Internet of Things

Controllers and Intelligent Gateways for Industrial IoT solutions



Whether it’s in a new or existing plant, SIMATIC IOT2050 easily and cost-effectively opens the way to digital dimensions. The smart IoT gateway is easy to retrofit, and will acquire, process, harmonize, and save machine and production data from multiple sources directly on-site in your production facility, and then pass it on, for example, to a local or cloud-based system. It’s especially easy to connect to MindSphere, the open, cloud-based IoT operating system from Siemens. And thanks to its future edge functionality, the SIMATIC IOT2050 can also be integrated into Industrial Edge solutions from Siemens.



SIMATIC S7-1200 controllers by Siemens are the intelligent choice for compact automation solutions with extended communication options and integrated technology functions. They are available in standard and failsafe versions.

With the function block from the "LMQTT_Client" library, the MQTT protocol is implemented into a SIMATIC S7-1200.


Siemens LOGO! Logic Module

Simple installation, minimum wiring, user-friendly programming: You can easily implement small automation projects with LOGO!, the intelligent logic module from Siemens. LOGO! saves space in the control cabinet, and lets you easily implement functions, such as time-delay switch, time relay, counter and auxiliary relay.


The cloud connectivity of LOGO! V8.3 opens up the world of IoT in a simple way.

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