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Wastewater Autosampler

Used water is a precious resource in Singapore, and the integrity of our public sewerage system is critical to PUB's water reclamation process. Every discharge must meet the prescribed quality requirements. Companies are prohibited from illegally discharging trade effluent containing chemical substances that exceed the permitted limits into the public sewerage system. Excessive levels of these hazardous substances in wastewater can disrupt the treatment processes in PUB's water treatment facilities and affect the quality of the feedstock used to produce NEWater.

Businesses and industries must take responsibility to ensure that their trade effluent meets the discharge standards of PUB to keep Singapore's water resources and wastewater network safe. PUB may require the installation of an autosampler for surveillance of trade effluent discharge at the last IC when granting the WA.

Seraya works with Efcon to supply wastewater autosampler, which is suitable for collecting wastewater samples containing toxic and industrial pollutants in Singapore. The autosampler can collect one (1) litre of discrete or composite samples and the programme allows users to change the frequency of sampling as needed by PUB. Our wastewater samplers are available in stationary and portable types with configurations of 24 bottles as standard. More container options are available depending on your requirements.

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Efcon® Water has specialized in the development and production of stationary wastewater samplers since 1993. Efcon Water® offers five different techniques for wastewater sampling.

To meet customer demand for robust and chemical resistant enclosures, Efcon® Water introduced a new thermoplastic enclosure and the EFCON® Patented Robust Dual Wall Thermoplastic Enclosure. It quickly became apparent that this material offered superior advantages over conventional steel products, and it comes with four years warranty.

Efcon®omy Sampling Systems are compliance with MCERTS, EN 16479, EN ISO 5667-2&3&10 and NEN 6600-1 

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Efcon Water's Sampling Techniques

Peristaltic Sampler.png

Peristaltic Sampler

Simple and low cost sampler for use in abstraction of medium from open channels.

Vacuum Sampler.png

Vacuum Sampler

Preferred and most common use principle for WWTP. Option available for suction height up to 12 meters.

Guillotine Sampler.png

ILS Guillotine Sampler

Heavy duty in line sampler from closed pipes. Able to operate op to 2.5 Bar (standard) or 5 Bar medium pressure.

ILS2W Sampler.png

ILS2W Sampler

In line sampler from closed pipes. Able to operate up to 4 bar medium pressure.

ILS3W Sampler.png

ILS3W Sampler

In line flush through sampler from closed pipes. Able to operate up to 16 bar medium pressure.

Range of Autosampler


Wall Mounted / Carrybox

Efcon® Carrybox is a wall-mounted and easily transportable wastewater sampler that you can use in various (temporary) situations. Only applicable with two different sampling techniques, which are the vacuum and peristaltic types.


Portable, 24x1L

The most popular type of portable sampler is used in the Singapore market. It can meet the PUB requirement suitable for collecting wastewater samples containing toxic and industrial pollutants and is capable of collecting one (1) litre of discrete or composite samples.

Efconomy Stationary Wastewater Autosampler.png

Fixed / Stationary

The Efconomy stationary vacuum wastewater sampler is the most popular wastewater sampler and is valued by water authorities and industrial customers throughout the UK and Europe. The sampler has been designed with long term, reliable sampling in mind and is a highly robust piece of equipment. 

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