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Thermoelectric Dehumidifier Module

Seraya Engineering in partnership with Adcol Electronics supply quality thermoelectric dehumidifier modules for use in the analyzer, VOC and gas sampling system. Adcol Electronic is one of the leading thermoelectric manufacturers in the world that specialise in research, design, manufacturing and custom solutions of the thermoelectric product.

Adcol Electronics owned multiple patented designs on dehumidification technology and constantly improving their product ranges with inspiration to manufacture the best thermoelectric products in the market.

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Adcol's thermoelectric dehumidifiers operate according to the Peltier effect. It creates a temperature difference by transferring heat between two electrical junctions. A voltage is applied across joined conductors to create an electric current.


When the current flows through the junctions of the two conductors, heat is removed at one junction, and cooling occurs. Heat is deposited at the other junction. This working principle can cool the gas and remove the moisture quickly and effectively.

Thermoelectric Dehumidifier

Many sensors on the market can be affected by changing environmental conditions, e.g., humidity, temperature and particulates. However, measurement accuracy and stability must remain the same, especially in the gas & VOC sampling applications where the sourcing environmental condition is dynamic.

Therefore, the thermoelectric dehumidifier module can provide the solution to feed stable gas samples to the sensors by removing the moisture in the gas sampling line. ATD semiconductor dehumidifier series products are independently developed by Adcol, which use cooling and condensation to reduce the moisture in the gas.


ATD035 Single Channel Dehumidifier

  • Cooling power: 35 W

  • Inlet Gas temperature: 0~60°C

  • Outlet Gas Dew point: 5~8°C

  • Flowrate: 1.5 liter/min (max)


ATD200 Dual Channel Dehumidifier

  • Cooling power: 200 W

  • Inlet Gas temperature: 0~60°C

  • Output Gas Dew point: 1~3°C

  • Flowrate: 1.5 liter/min (max)

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