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Real-time Microbial Performance Monitoring System

SENTRY AD provides a real-time bio-electrode sensor that allows for the real-time monitoring of microbial metabolic activity in the anaerobic and aerobic wastewater treatment systems.

SENTRY leverages bio-electrochemical sensor technology to relay the microbiology's bio-activity (metabolic activity) in the CCR (Carbon Conversion Rate) unit to the wastewater system operator. These data allow the operators to monitor their wastewater treatment processes with microbial stability health continually. The system operator can leverage the data with other water quality and operational data to improve/optimize the overall system performance. 

Seraya Engineering Pte Ltd is an authorized channel partner of SENTRY that can provide the full cycle service, including consultation, supply, install, commission, maintenance, and spare parts support the SENTRY BES monitoring system in Singapore.

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SENTRY cares about the environment and making better decisions in treating water and wastewater. SENTRY is a Canada-based company serving a global customer base with its biological monitoring platform designed to provide real-time insights to operators enabling them to optimize water and wastewater treatments. SENTRY’s vision is to make biological processes intuitive, simple, and controllable.

Data produced from the sensor can be used to:

  1. Predict process upset via instability in microbial metabolism.

  2. Correlate fluctuating bio-electrode output to system input / process / operational events.

  3. Aggregate data to determine daily, weekly, and monthly performance patterns

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